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GreeCo Appoints Dr. Yunxia (Vivian) Bi Technical Director of Solubility Initiative

Wayne, NJ - March 3, 2011 – GreenCo Pharmaceuticals announced Dr. Yunxia (Vivian) Bi is appointed Technical Director of the company’s Solubility Initiative. In a newly created position, she will oversee development of technical data and information to support the use of ISP’s solubility-enhancing ingredient portfolio and solid dispersion development services by pharmaceutical formulators. With experience in oral drug delivery systems formulated for bioavailability enhancement, Dr. Bi is author of more than 40 research papers and abstracts in the formulation research. Prior to joining ISP, Vivian Bi served AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP in a research role as Associate Principal Scientist.

According to Philip Strenger, Senior Vice President Global Pharmaceuticals, there is no single solubility enhancement solution that applies to all active pharmaceutical ingredients, and with ISP’s broad ingredient portfolio and scientists like Dr. Bi as part of the ISP R&D team, we can help formulators increase drug solubility and enhance bioavailability. “ISP is pleased to appoint a scientist with experience in confronting the challenges in developing poorly soluble drugs to lead this important R&D initiative. Dr. Bi knows the processes pharmaceutical makers follow when formulating poorly soluble entities and the general pathways pharmaceutical makers follow when commercializing such entities. We are confident Dr. Bi will be an asset to companies that want to reduce the development timeline and costs associated with the development of poorly soluble drugs.”

Focused on the Science (and processes) of Solubility
In 2009, ISP announced that it embarked upon a Drug Solubility Initiative in support of pharmaceutical companies working with APIs that exhibit poor solubility. Solving solubility challenges can lead to a number of desirable outcomes, such as lower dosage costs, improved safety and efficacy and better compliance at the patient level. ISP is addressing solubility in a number of areas, such as the development of a database of material solutions to help pharmaceutical companies commercialize oral formulations without delay.

According to Strenger, the ISP Drug Solubility Initiative is multi-faceted and includes R&D aimed at expanding the application of ISPs broad portfolio of ingredients. “ISPs toolbox of ingredient technologies is comprehensive and work continues in the laboratory to better understand how these widely accepted excipient technologies can be utilized to further drug solubility,” he said. “Plasdone? polymers, are used to produce solid dispersions of drug actives. Polyplasdone? disintegrants may be used for increasing the rate and extent of drug dissolution and cyclodextrins for forming inclusion complexes. ISP is leveraging its polymer capabilities and material science expertise to support development of solid dispersions prepared by spray drying or melt extrusion for bioavailability enhancement. With cGMP spray drying capabilities, ISP can provide development, clinical supply and commercial manufacturing services of solid dispersions.”

The industry’s biggest challenge
The solubility of a drug active plays an essential role in drug disposition, because the main pathway for drug absorption is the product of permeability and solubility. Today’s solubility dilemma exists in part because of the use of high throughput screening that focuses on compounds with high receptor affinity and selectivity at the expense of biopharmaceutical properties for formulation or delivery.

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About ISP
International Specialty Products Inc. (ISP) is a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals and performance enhancing products for a wide variety of personal care, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and industrial applications. ISP produces more than 500 specialty chemicals, which it markets and sells worldwide. The company’s headquarters is located in Wayne, New Jersey, USA.

About ISP Pharmaceuticals
ISP Pharmaceuticals is a global business providing technology for drug synthesis, drug solubilization, excipients and coatings. The business is committed to providing quality products and services and reliable customer support to advance the commercialization goals of the world’s largest producers of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. In excipients and coatings, ISP offers a range of products, including Polyplasdone? Crospovidone, for rapid disintegration and enhanced drug dissolution; Advantia? Coatings Systems, for film coating of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement oral solid dosage forms; and Plasdone? Povidone, for high performance tablet binding. In the area of drug synthesis, ISP Fine Chemicals is a contract manufacturer of key starting materials, regulated intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients. It also supplies high-purity Tetrahyrdofuran Pharma for drug synthesis. Today, ISP has one of the most comprehensive offerings to the pharmaceutical industry for enhancing drug solubility. This offering features a range of ingredients that include Plasdone? polymers for solid dispersions. The business also offers contract development services for spray dried solid dispersions.

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